Adventure combined with cultural experience and volunteer work, creates an unforgettable life experience. Do you want to help and really make a difference to others?


Kigezi tours organize volunteer opportunities for students and travelers looking for a travel experience that will enrich their lives.

Bring hope to children are living with HIV and AIDS and have been sadly devastated at the kihefo Children’s Orphans festival every year

Volunteer at Children nutrition rehabilitation centre, KIHEFO Enterprise development, savings and microfinance projects

Build a basic toilet for a lonely Grand mother orphan caregiver and Help in dispensing drugs during community outreach projects.

Volunteering at the clinic

Education/ primary school work

If you want to truly experience Africa while contributing something worthwhile, then a volunteering vacation in Uganda- the Pearl of Africa is for you.

Any special skills required? No.

Our volunteer activities don’t require any specific skills.

Generally motivation, enthusiasm and a flexible approach are essential. English is usually the common language.

In case of social or arts-based work you may require to have some previous experience within that field. (Contact us for updates on the field you prefer to volunteer in)

Volunteer travel projects

1. Children nutrition rehabilitation centre

Healthy Children in East Africa are Africa’s hope for the future
Kigezi Tours activities centre on projects to enhance the lives of children and their families. At the centre in kabale opened early 2010 you can volunteer to;

Help repair/paint rooms at the centre. You can hammer a nail, swing a paintbrush, or plant a flower.

Help with complimentary feeding. Assist with bath time and dressing.

Counseling for ART adherence to children and mothers.

Help re-design working documentation

Teach mothers on how to make cakes for school going children

Computerized record keeping and/or cataloguing

You can help sweep, scrape, or landscape around the facility

You don’t need special skills in order to volunteer here

2. KIHEFO Enterprise development, savings and microfinance projects

Kihefo is a community based organization serving children, women and people living with AIDS in kabale district of southwestern Uganda. These are organized into groups that have started different income generating Enterprises, savings and microfinance in their rural villages. You can volunteer to:

Help kihefo women’s group on improving and standardizing handcrafts & curios

Help with kihefo groups on branding and marketing handcrafts & curios

Help with kihefo groups improving record keeping on savings and microfinance

3. Community Outreach projects

See your efforts transform an entire village! There are lots of economically poor, isolated communities all over East Africa where people struggle to survive.

If you can spare days/weeks to help out build a basic toilet for a lonely Grand mother caregiver of orphaned children.

Educating people remote village about health and nutrition i.e AIDS

Help in dispensing drugs during meeting with kihefo groups.

4. Volunteering at clinic

KIHEFO has an out patient AIDS clinic and inpatient general clinic. If you can spare days/weeks to help out at the clinic or local community hospital or dispensary. Your “hands-on” involvement can be life changing.

Common cases are related to communicable diseases including HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis. Others Diabetes screenings, baby checks and pre-natal exams in local clinics, village dispensaries.

Dentists, nurses, physicians and medical students are also welcome to perform physical check-ups, test eyesight, and, in some cases, perform minor outpatient surgeries. Our host community often lacks modern medical equipment. We recommend that volunteers should plan to bring their own instruments and medical supplies- just in case. For updates on how volunteer here Email kigezihc@gmail.com or kitta@kigezitours.com

5. Children’s Orphans festival every year, every December

Teach and encourage development through play. Read, sing and play with the children living with HIV/AIDS. This years festival will be on 12th December 2009

6. Education/ school work

Teach in a school. In rural communities, teaching conversational English and engaging warm, fun-loving children in informal educational activities, you can help enhance children’s’ ability to speak the English language
Restoring hope to children and families that are living with HIV and AIDS.
Organize arts activities for children

For those who are interested in touring and volunteering in other parts in Uganda, We also organize tourist volunteer tours according to your field of interest. You can be guaranteed that the time you spend with these communities will be significant, exciting, educational and inspiring.

All these volunteer tours can be supplemented with Uganda tours safaris, Rwanda short day trips in Uganda and Rwanda. Contact Kigezi tours to arrange for a tourist volunteer placement.

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