A land of cheerful smiles & open-hearted people – The pearl of Africa. Only recently discovered as a great safari destination.

Uganda is situated in East Africa. The country plus Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi form the East African block. Uganda with an area of 236.580 square kilometers [is roughly the size of Great Britain]. Most of the country is over 1.000 m in altitude. It is situated on the equator. Uganda boasts of its beauty ranging from the equatorial rain forests to bush and grasslands, mountains, beautiful lowlands, lakes and rivers-rich in some of the rare wildlife species in the world.

The captivating beauty of the Uganda’s landscape, beautiful rivers, seductive water falls and greenery is a perfect destination for your Vacation

Uganda is home to the source of the Nile. It is also home to more than 1,000 species of birds, and there are more species of primates than you will see anywhere else in the world. It is in Uganda that the greatest percentage of Mountain Gorilla (gorilla gorilla beringei) and chimpanzees remain, with many other mammal species representative in both East and Central Africa. Uganda gives you more than an ordinary visit.

Up stream in Murchison Falls NP is Uganda’s wonder Murchison falls. A hike to the top of the falls will grant you an opportunity to see the waters of the Nile pass through a 7metre wide gorge through which the river plunges. The environs offer a great deal of wildlife including the Giraffes, elephants, lions, hippos and many brilliantly colored birds.

“While Uganda’s natural beauty is stunning, the local people are among the friendliest and most open you will find anywhere in Africa”- Lonely planet Guide to East Africa.

Uganda is truly the “Pearl of Africa” Sir Winston Churchill- My African Journey (1908). It is justified by her unique natural beauty, wildlife diversity, and friendly people. Some of Uganda’s countryside is absolutely stunning and only rarely is it boring. In Uganda you can explore the people’s cultures, go gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and chimpanzee tracking in liable and wildlife in Queen Elizabeth and kibale national park, climb the Rwenzoris, visit the Uganda’s romantic gateway Ssese Islands amidst Africa’s biggest fresh water body- Lake Victoria.

Uganda is the only country you will find ice on the equator. There are the snow-capped mountains of the Rwenzori, and the Virunga Volcanoes with a lot of hiking opportunities through beautiful scenery.

Lake Victoria: It is the largest lake in Africa, 3rd largest in the world and the main source to river Nile. The islands are increasingly becoming tourist destination (Bulago Island, Ngamba Island and the Sesse Islands) and can be visited out of Entebbe for an excellent beach holiday. The sources and the spectacular rapids of the River Nile (rafting) will bring you more to the east where you will also find the romantic Sipi Falls on the slopes of Mt

Safety and security: Uganda is enjoying considerable political stability. Calm has returned to most parts in the country. Uganda is famous for being ‘Africa’s Friendliest Country’, with the tradition of hospitality and a remarkably minimal level of crime and hassle aimed at at tourists.

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